Other Destinations

There is enough history here to satisfy anyone.

Istanbul spans two continents, Europe and Asiaand though as a visitor you will probably spend most of your time on the European shore you will know that you are in the Orient.
Dominated by a 15th century castle,

Bodrum is maze of historic streets will keep history buffs enthralled, and shoppers will love the bazaar. Charming beach resort and the bright lights of Bodrum and Gumbet Beaches. If you are a beach fanatic, Gumbet is the place to be with its windsurfing, paragliding, food and drink, Gumbet is a modern, expanding resort with a growing number of bars and restaurants, while Bodrum has hundreds of bars and clubs catering for all ages.
Quieter Bitez, Yalikavak and Ortakent has sprinkling hotels, bars and restaurants.
Marmaris, is one of Turkey is premier holiday resorts…

…built around a sweeping natural bay at the foot of steep pine-covered mountain slopes. The old town is a maze of twisting little streets and alleys with whitewashed houses in the Turkish style and an excellent shopping bazaar. Marmaris can be whatever you would like it to be. Lazy or lively days busy or quiet evenings.
Beach: The long, narrow sand and shingle beach is busy with sun worshippers and if you enjoy being more active you can windsurf scuba dive or a pedal boat.
Fethiye has retained its Turkish character…

…both scenically and atmospherically and is a fascinating cocktail of market, town, port and holidayresort creating a most unusual and captivating place to visit. The maze of back streets behind the harbour filled with shops, bars and restaurants yielding many a bargain gastronomic delights and lively, bustling evening life.
Antalya is a principle holiday resort in Mediterranean.

It is surrounded by the western Taurus Mountains.
Antalya has a beautiful climate and is famous for its well-known archaeological museum, many parks and beaches.
Tourists from all over the world are attracted all the year round to spend their holiday. It is a province where there are many historical ancient cities and very beautiful nature with forest, green vegetable gardens, citrus fruit gardens, sandy beaches and crystal clear Mediterranean waters.

Ölüdeniz, the breathtaking natural beauty…

…has made it probably the most famous beach in Turkey. A long crescent-shaped swathe of coarse white sand and shingle beach sweeps around the bay and forms a spit of sand to separate the open sea from the crystal clear cobalt blue waters of the lagoon.

Cappadocia can only be described as amazing.

…It is one of those places, which looks as if it has come from another planet. It is weird, beautiful and steeped in an unusual and rich history.
The landscape was formed thousands of years ago when three volcanoes erupted, first spraying the area with ash and mud which formed a soft rock called Tuffa, then covering this with a crust of lava which cooled to form a hard top layer of basalt.
Over time the basalt has cracked allowing the wind and rain to erode the soft tuffa underneath, creating the basalt topped cones known as fairy chimneys.When you visit today, as well as admiring the landscape and discovering the history you will see traditional life going on much as it has for centuries. Many people still live in houses carved from the rock and make a living from handweaven carpets, throwing pots or farming the rich and fertile volcanic soil to produce some of the best wine in Turkey.